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What We Do

The Gannett Imaging and Ad Design Center is a full-service design group, specializing in pre-media services ranging from high-revenue campaigns to imaging and ad production services. Our customers range from low-volume privately owned newspapers to large multi-site media companies.

Starting as a cost saving measure for Gannett in 2007, the GIADC has redundant locations in the Midwest. We partner with companies across the country and are currently one of the largest in-sourcing/outsourcing operations in the field.

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Print Design
Quick, accurate design

Need designers who easily understand what you are looking for and meet deadlines? Then you need a small design team focused on your region and your local market needs.

We have a passion for keeping up on design trends and creating effective, eye-catching advertisements. Our artists are trained to deliver top-notch creative ads quickly and accurately.

Digital Design
Industry Leading Solutions

The world of digital media is ever-changing — our team of artists and developers not only keep up with the latest trends: we create them. We offer top-notch digital banner advertisements as well as an ever-growing library of rich media solutions for any project, large or small. From landing pages and e-mail blasts, to ads featuring in-depth user experiences, we recognize that the success of a digital campaign goes beyond click-throughs.

Professional Prepress Services

Our professional and friendly staff ensure all of our products print on schedule with the highest standards of quality. We offer professional color correction, image enhancement and optimizations for PDFs and prebuilt advertisements. Quality and efficiency are our first priorities. We utilize the most up-to-date software and color correction techniques.

Among our services are pre-media editing, color correction, color conversion, creative services, image enhancement, PDF output optimization and bulk image processing.

Creative Campaign
Cross-media Solutions

We believe great ideas and great designs are necessary to engage today's audiences. Our successes have been proven across a broad range of industries, from healthcare and automotive to boutique shops and charities. Our focus is developing cross-media solutions, but we take pride in offering capabilities typically only found at agencies. No matter who your clients are—we're the only agency they'll need.

Ensuring Quality Print

The Enterprise Output (EOP) department is the latest cost saving measure created by the GIADC. The EOP is a centralized prepress operation that ensures each newspaper page is quality reviewed, optimized and ready to be printed on the press. We are the last eyes on the page before the plate is made and hung on the press. Today the EOP checks the pages for all of the USA Today Network papers and various other national and local accounts.

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